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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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california, with an interview on hillary clinton making history. good day from california. i'm thomas roberts. we are broadcasting live here once again in southern california from the santa monica pier where a new chapter in american history begins. welcome the general election. >> the stakes in this election are high and the choice is clear. donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president. when he says, let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. so fresh from a history-making win, hillary clinton focused her fire on trump signaling a showdown to stretch in november. by contrast, a toned down and scripted trump read from teleprompters last night. that being a huge rarity for
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him. and he unloaded on the clintons. >> the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts, and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. better hope i'm president. >> each party that has their ow challenges. first bernie sanders spoke here in santa monica showing no signs of surrender. >> next tuesday we continue the fight in the last primary in washington, d.c. thank you, all, the struggle
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continues. >> she's meeting with president obama coming up at the white house tomorrow. but we'll go over to the gop and the republicans are revolting over their candidate's controversial comments about the judge's heritage, calling on trump to apologize. but will that happen? we begin with the official first day in the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. we have it all covered for you. nbc's katy tur follows the trump campaign and msnbc's kasie hunt is following the clinton camp. katy, let me begin with you, you've seen how trump powers through crisis after crisis, what are your sources inside the campaign saying about the latest issues surrounding their candidate and suspicions? >> reporter: sources close to the campaign say this speech he gave last night was a step in the right direction, but it wasn't a large enough step in the right direction. there are many folks out there and we have been hearing them all day on capitol hill saying similar things, that they were hoping that donald trump would give them more of an apology for
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the attacks on judge curiel. that did not happen. the issue is many republicans and sources close to the campaign say they are hearing from folks that they don't necessarily trust this campaign at the moment. they don't believe that he is going to go forward in this presidential way because they have been burned so many times in the past. and this is an issue, thomas, especially when it comes to this v.p. search that donald trump is having right now, who is he going to get to run with him on this ticket? the top players involved, i'm told, are expressing some hesitation to be on the same ticket with donald trump given out all the outrageous controversies and statement that is have surrounded him, especially what has happened in the last 48 hours with these judge curiel comments and the fact that he simply refuses to truly walk them back or offer an apology. >> meanwhile, kasie, we have hillary clinton moving full steam ahead with her campaign pivoting to the general, she's got the campaign stops now for ohio and pennsylvania next week.
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so brief us about the significance of those stops, why those states first? >> reporter: well, thomas, even as the democratic primary is still wrapping up and they are trying to make peace with bernie sanders, hillary clinton wants to make sure she's not wasting any time and isn't perceived as wasting any time. and these two states are, if you talk to members of clinton's senior staff, the places where they know that she has to protect and where she may experience some weaknesses that another candidate, if she were running against someone other than donald trump, might not present. and these are places where, especially white working class voters, might come out in larger numbers than we have seen. there's an element of unpredictability to both of these states, pennsylvania, of course, has voted democratic. ohio has flipped back and forth. and no republican has won the nomination without winning ohio in modern recent elections. so that, of course, is going to be critical for trump. but shoring up pennsylvania for hillary clinton is also
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important. i will say the comments over the last couple days from donald trump, i think you have seen some of that play out in pennsylvania, in particular, pat toomey, defending his seat there has been reluctant to get on board with donald trump. i think that tells you how he's reading his state politically. so a sense that perhaps whoever might come out that's new in pennsylvania might not be enough to overcome those potential issues, thomas. >> katy, last night we saw trump using the teleprompters, that's rare, but the vow to go after the clintons is not so rare. what are you hearing about the speech he's planning? >> we played a small soundbyte last night saying they are benefiting from government contracts, benefiting from that. the donald trump campaign doesn't release talking points before he gives these speeches. and i am told that they are still working on this speech. but sources close to him say that they are encouraging him to talk about benghazi specifically, how that is an issue they want him to bring up
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and to attack hillary clinton on poke holes in her trustworthiness. and when i speak to people on the road on the campaign trail, they often bring that up, especially at donald trump rallies. there's also people wearing "hillary for prison" pins for her shortcomings in her response. also, partially the remail scandal and it's a weak spot the campaign would potentially want to exploit, especially when you're talking to end dependents and democrats who may not be entirely satisfied with hillary clinton. you often hear benghazi, so he's being urged to talk about that. other than that, the speech is still being worked on. they don't have definitive points, at least that they are giving to the media as of now. >> katy tur and kasie hunt reporting for us. thank you very much. we'll talk about bernie sanders who is back home after taking a flight to vermont and
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is planning his step forward. tomorrow he goes to the white house to meet with the president. he's also set to meet with harry reid. this all coming as two congressional supporters say it is time for sanders to call it quits. we have senator jeff merkley saying, quote, we have our nominee. and another saying we are confident sanders will do the right thing. >> the issue is having a unified party going into the general. if bernie decides to contest it, that will be his decision, but i think that bernie understands there's a lot at stake here. >> so we're also weighing in a short time ago, weighing in a short time ago about this was vice president joe biden about sanders, take a listen. >> reporter: is it time for bernie sanders to drop out of the race? >> be a little graceful. let the man have his own take. >> reporter: do you think hillary clinton and the democratic party can unite? >> i want to bring in a. smith
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to our conversation, a 30-year veteran of state and national politics. and jeremy byrd, former field election director for president obama's election campaign. jeremy, let me start with you, vice president biden is saying to let sanders have a time here. what do you think about this? >> we need to give him time to talk to his supporters and voters and that is all healthy for the party. >> jeremy, let me ask you about this because we have reporting out today talking about the issues of the sanders campaign. aides telling politico that bernie sanders is at the heart of the rage. as i spoke before, we have the congressman arguing that unity is a two-way street and it is
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not up to bernie sanders alone to bng the party together. doesn't sanders have a greater burden here to get his supporters in line and be pragmatic as well as progressive about the democratic nominee? >> i would agree with ace as hillary clinton secured the democratic nomination. secretary clinton said last night many her speech, it's hard when you put all yourself in, all your passion and heart into a campaign, it will take some time but i think you'll come to see over the next couple of days, next week or so, that senator sanders and their supporters start to move towards what really matters here, which is the democratic party coming together and building a campaign to fight donald trump in the general election. >> ace, what would your advice be to senator sanders about this point and the crossroads for himself and the movement that he
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has created? if he wants to keep that sustainable? >> i think the best advice would be to look at all the commonality between where he stands on the important issues, really the critical issue is how do we start really removing barriers instead of creating walls. family leave, go all the way down the line, there's way more in common than anything that divides them. >> guys, i'm just getting word that president obama, air force one, we have images of his plane as he's on his way to new york. he's taping and edition of "jimmy fallon" and making an appearance on that show. jeremy, while we talk about there is still a bridge to be built between sanders and
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clinton, one thing they do agree on is how the democratic nominee needs to beat donald trump. so how do you think they can unify to be able to do that and solidify a position that they are, the democrats, that is, the better person, the better party to be in the white house as opposed to him? >> yeah, i think that is exactly what unites the campaign, which is, look, the country can't afford donald trump. his dangerous and divisive politics. when you look at the issues ace just talked about and look where trump is wanting to ban muslims from coming into the country, want to punish women for their health care choices, not agreeing the minimum wage should be raised but thinking wages are too high, those are policies we can't allow in the white house. he's too dangerous and divisive. and it will be important as you see sanders supporters and others come together, there will
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be a ton of energy heading into the fall to unite the forces as we stop donald trump. >> thank you, gentlemen. as you talk about energy, i just want to let everybody know, we are on the santa monica pier, you can hear the roller coasters going by. folks practicing on the trapeze. if you hear loud screams and a little bit of craziness, it is not just msnbc fans but people on the roller coaster and the trapeze. should bernie sanders concede the democratic nomination to hillary clinton? let's see how you have voted so far. take a look at this. 63% say yes. 37% say no. but have your voice heard, the pulse is live, check it out at we'll keep you briefed throughout the day. a programming note for you as well, hillary clinton will appear on this evening's nightly news with lester holt. bernie sanders sat down with lester yesterday and now it's hillary's turn. and on capitol hill today,
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paul ryan reiterated support for his party's presumptive nominee. but are republicans in congress ready to mute donald trump's comments about his judge's heritage? >> i cannot support him of what he said about the judge. that was too racist. >> listen, i like many other voters, i'm watching and listening and assessing what he says and what he does. >> so after donald trump's speech last night, how is it being received today on capitol hill? we'll take you there next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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he is not yet the nominee. officially that won't happen until the middle of july, so for
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me that's kind of the timeframe. in particular, i want to make sure he renounces what he says, at least in regards to this judge. >> the former gop presidential hopeful, wisconsin's republican governor scott walker there, just the latest on the right to question whether he can support donald trump after comments he made about a judge of mexican descent. donald trump did not apologize for the comments he made in a speech last night. instead, in a press release, he said his words were misconstrued and in an interview had this to say about his republican critics. >> some of the republicans, in all fairness, these are some of the people that i went through a war with and won, there's a lot of anger. i guess, anger, they can't get over it. so they have to get over it ideally. as to whether or not they endorse me, that's okay if they don't, but they have to get over it. >> we'll take you to capitol hill and ask the question, are republicans ready to get over
11:18 am
it? luke russert is there, what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, thomas, it's a wait-and-see approach right now. there are a whole variety of opinions on donald trump within the house gop conference and the senate gop conference. paul ryan was stressing that to his own conference this morning, the first time they met since his endorsement last week, but there are folks who are still not comfortable. take a listen to what my colleague hallie jackson was able to dig up. >> the fact is that donald trump still needs to apologize for his comments and saying that his comments were misconstrued is not an apology. >> mitch mcconnell said heapolo. that's one thing as a candidate that you learn you need to do at some point. when you do something wrong, you apologize and move on. >> the longer these self-inflicted wounds continue, you know, the less support he's going to get.
11:19 am
but he has an opportunity now. >> reporter: thomas, i think it is safe to say there are two camps now. there's a group of republicans that believe that, look, this is as bad as it will get for donald trump and can't get worse. the rnc is trying to communicate with him. he does have to tamper down some of the more bombastic things he's said, specifically the comments on judge curiel. there's another camp that says, look, this guy is never going to change, he's 70 years old, let's try to preserve the house and senate the best we can. do what we have to do there but let's not embrace him too tightly. and those are the two sort of camps. how they come together at some point and how much longer the dance goes on will really take place, i think, through the convention and then to see whether or not what happens in the summer recess and so on. i do think, though, it's important to know the more and more folks have spoken to in the past few weeks that have come around to trump to say, hey, it's our nominee, let's do it. i've gone back to them and they are bewildered. they don't know how this got
11:20 am
this out of control so quickly. they thought the campaign would be a lot more professionalized. one of them told me, i think this sums it up best, golf analogy, i'm not asking him to put it in the fairway, the rough is fine, but please, sir, get in bounds. they feel donald trump is out of bounds right now. >> if not just take a mulligan. thank you, luke russert. five months to go until the general election. where do hillary clinton and donald trump have advantages? and where will the candidates have to play catch-up? mark murray joins me after the break as the loudow down on whe the math and the money are. along came a burglar who broke into her home and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance.
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turning her attention to campaign stomps in ohio and virginia. meanwhile, trump is holding rallies in pennsylvania, florida and virginia. mark murray, let's explain the highs and lows this election season. >> yeah, we are five months away from election day, november 8, 2016, and on -- an advantage for hillary clinton that she has is just the electoral map that we have. nbc news released our electoral map just last month. it remains the same. hillary clinton having a slight advantage. 253 electoral votes to 190 for donald trump. another advantage that hillary clinton ends up having, just the sheer demographics. our nbc wall street journal poll from last month had hillary clinton with significant leads
11:25 am
among african-american voters, latino voters. it showed donald trump was doing well among white voters, but thomas, here is this. hillary clinton and donald trump are running even among whites with college degrees and that could end up really hurting donald trump's ability to run up the score with white voters. and then there is one more advantage, thomas, for hillary clinton. and that is just money. she has $30 million in the bank as the last federal election commission filing. donald trump just $2 million. of course, we know donald trump's wealthy. he's been funding his campaign to date, but there is a question of how much money he's really going to go and spend on his own going forward. >> mark, when it comes to polling as the picture is clear about the general election match-up, when are we going to have some of the first numbers about how people feel about hillary clinton up against donald trump? >> thomas, that's a great question. so the most recent round of national polls came out just after donald trump had clenched
11:26 am
becoming the republican presidential nominee and showed him gaining ground on hillary clinton. now we're about to come to that apples to apples comparison pretty soon where we're going to see what the polling looks like now that hillary clinton's the democratic presumptive nominee and see if bernie sanders gets on board. thomas, i mentioned the advantages hillary clinton has, there is one advantage for donald trump and it's a big one. a majority of american voters in our nbc/wall street journal poll said they want change. even if that is somewhat unpredictable change. that is what donald trump's one really big advantage is as we look at the general election and it's a disadvantage for hillary clinton. >> unpredictae. that's the way people could characterize the style of donald trump. nbc's mark murray, thank you, sir. speaking of that unpredictability, we have a new civil war erupting inside. the gop after trump's controversial comments about a federal judge. if so, does that spell trouble for donald trump during this summer's republican convention in that story and much more as
11:27 am
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ donald trump appears to have work to do today and beyond if he wants to unify the gop backing. now minority leader mitch mcconnell called for trump to, quote, get on script. and that is just what he did last night reading from a teleprompter at a victory speech. the gop presumptive nominee never may have sounded more controlled. >> i'm going to be your champion. i'm going to be america's champ i don't know because, you see, this election isn't about republican or democrat. it is about who runs this
11:31 am
country. >> judge said he would not talk anymore about the donald trump case. just hours later here is donald trump talking about the case again. >> i don't care whether judges come from, i just want to get a fair shake. and we have had very unfair opinions coming down and you wonder what is going on. >> so with me now is michael steele, former senior adviser to jeb bush and former spokesman for speaker john boehner. and i'm joined by political analyst ben ginsberg. you're a former candidate to jeb bush who tweeted this week, donald trump should retact his comments, not defend them. there's no place for racism in the gop or this country, end quote. michael, would an apology really make a difference at this point? >> well, the nomination of the
11:32 am
party of lincoln, the party of reagan is an honor, and part of that honor means you have certain responsibilities. one of those responsibilities is not to say remarkably stupid things to make it harder for our party to win in november. so i think an apology would be appropriate. >> but donald trump's campaign success after campaign pitfall after pitfall, something that would typically take down any regular politician has only emboldened him. why should this be different? >> there's a big different among the nomination fight winning state after state against a field of at times 16 other candidates. and what we're facing now, the main event, taking on hillary clinton. because the american people want change. they noah know that washington broken and hillary clinton is part of the problem, not the solution. >> we know that many feel that
11:33 am
donald trump made racist and derogatory comments about mexicans and those trying to live in america. we have the never trump movement within the republican party. many thought that was officially pronounced dead. politico did a story about that officially pronounced dead on tuesday night. and that is because trump officially has enough bound delegates to have this nomination this summer in cleveland. but is there a possibility, ben, that delegates could bow out or there could be a late rules change to stop trump? >> the bound delegates are not going to drop out and they are going to, i suspect, honor their pledges to their individual states. there are several things you can do for this particular convention, every convention has to pass their own set of rules that you could, you could, for example, make it a supermajority for a first ballot win. that would then get all the delegates to the second ballot. that is the technical legal way to change the rules.
11:34 am
the political will to do that is something very different. and the delegates will have to balance the word of their voters against what the never trump movement may say is something they should do. so there is a way to do it but it happening is highly unlikely. >> all right. so, guys, we have this just in, there is a new trump interview with bloomberg. this is the first interview after the final day of the republican nomination contests. and he's talking about the search, michael, for a running mate. and focused on four or five politicians. have you heard anything about anyone within the establishment that is interested on being in that ticket? >> i have not heard anyone express that desire. obviously, there have been people like chris christie who is now an ardent supporter of donald trump. but i have not heard of an
11:35 am
elected governor or senator expressing that kind of desire. >> and ben, he's also talking about the fact he doesn't feel he needs to raise a billion dollars in a campaign cycle to go up against the clinton machine or half that. are you surprised by that or do you think it's possible that he doesn't need that type of cash for the 2016 cycle? >> well, i think cash is always good to have. i think the billion dollar figure is one that there are ways you don't necessarily have to reach that amount and still run a credible campaign. on the vice presidential search, having been involved with vice presidential searches before, you don't want at this stage to have speculation about people. what you do want to do is be able to do your initial on who passes, the credibility tests, you want to do that internally to your campaign and not have it as subject of endless speculation. >> and when we talk about the
11:36 am
credibility test that ben mentioned there, michael, just about the judge issue, the fact that trump put out a press statement saying he was not going to talk about that and then goes on fox news only to talk about it hours later, is that the suspicion of donald trump from the members of the gop? they don't know which trump to trust? >> sure. i mean, there's always been -- trump plays by his own rules and has done that successfully as you noted earlier. but that's one of the things that makes him different from a traditional politician. traditional politicians lay out a position and you expect hem to fight for it and adhere to it. he simply doesn't operate that way and thus far it's worked well for him. >> ben, how do you think that will play out as we are five months today from the general election? do you think that strategy is sustainable for the republicans to take the white house? >> well, look, there are a few things that are going to happen and a few defining events. in the next couple of weeks there's going to be an initial round of polling.
11:37 am
donald trump has an opportunity to show that he is the donald trump of last night in temperament with his speech or is he, once he gets to a first rally, something else. there will be the polls that will help to reset the race. and then the convention in cleveland is five weeks from now. and that is a place where the republican party as it is can send a message. it can do that with the platform, it can do that with the rules, not likely to do it with the nomination, but that is a pressure point as members of the republican party want to impose on donald trump the certain parameters that you have to have to be a credible candidate. you need a credible candidate to be sure republicans maintain the majority in the senate and the house. >> ben ginsberg and michael steel, thank you very much, appreciate it. when we come back, we'll talk about what is happening with bernie sanders and the fact he's not conceding. he's vowing to fight all the way
11:38 am
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what's in your wallet? welcome back, everybody. here's this shot of president obama walking to air force one. he is going to be going to new york to take an appearance on "jimmy fallon." this all in advance of the meeting tomorrow with senator sanders. senator sanders making his way back from california now. and going back to vermont to d.c. and sanders is looking to meet with the president as they look to the president to broker peace between hillary clinton, the presumptive nominee, and senator sanders who is vowing to take his movement, his people all the way to philadelphia for a contested convention. meanwhile, we watched last night as hillary clinton delivered that victory speech from
11:42 am
brooklyn after securing the democratic nomination making history. >> and it may be hard to see tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. but don't worry, we are not smashing this one. thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. for the first time -- for the first time in our nation's history, that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> so now the campaign released a new ad highlighting the historic significance of secretary clinton becoming the first woman at the top of a major ticket of a political party. >> and because i'm here, that has an impact on people like me who will come after me.
11:43 am
>> so let's learn from the wisdom of every mother and father who teaches their daughters there is no limit on how big she can dream and how much she can achieve. >> so it was a tapestry of voices in that piece. and one of the voices you just heard was that of a democratic senator from wisconsin and hillary clinton supporter, tammy baldwin. tammy, thank you for being here today. i appreciate it. we'll talk about the video and the historic nature of what he witnessed last night with hillary clinton capturing the presumptive nomination of your party. what does that mean for you? >> i was thrilled. i was thrilled to reach this historic moment. i was so proud of the american people. this is really the american people making history. and it had all sorts of reminders for me. i reflect on my own election night to the u.s. senate where i said, i didn't run to make ran
11:44 am
difference. that's exactly what secretary clinton is doing. she has made history, the american people have made history. but she is doing this to make a difference in all of our lives. and so, it's just a great celebratory moment. and then we get back to work because we have a lot more work to do. >> and we just saw live images of president obama on his way to new york to tape an appearance on "jimmy fallon." not a lot to talk about with jimmy fallon for the president, but tomorrow we're ramping up for the meeting with senator sanders coming to washington, d.c. he's also going to meet with harry reid because he vowed to stay in this race until the convention. i'm just curious, have you reached out to your senate colleague at all in senator sanders to discuss what the party and the general election fight means against trump? have you done that? >> i have not. and i have not heard reciproc reciprocally from senator sanders since he's been on the campaign trail. but i hope as these discussions
11:45 am
flow over the next few days that, you know, senator sanders has to decide how he's going to end it. but i certainly hope and believe that he's going to end it on a positive note. and that he recognizes that he and his supporters have built something pretty significant, pretty profound that can be enormously helpful in making sure that we defeat donald trump this fall. >> so senator, how do you you unite that, what has been united for senator sanders to hillary clinton. because there's such a great divide in the two divisions of electorates? >> i don't see that divide perhaps the way that you're describing it. i see a divide on the republican side, which i can happily return to in a moment, but what i see on the democratic side is a real focus on giving every american the opportunity to get ahead. and focusing on closing the huge
11:46 am
economic inequality that we experience in america and helping people who have had stagnated wages and salaries for so long, really, really get ahead. and i do see that making that difference is what bernie sanders is about and it is what hillary clinton is about. and both are completely devoted to the idea that we can never have donald trump as the president of the united states. so i see a lot of reason to get on the same page to work this through. and i expect that that's going to happen. >> do you think that senator sanders should concede and drop out before d.c.'s primary next tuesday? >> you know, bernie sanders, my colleague, my friend, is going to have to decide how to end his campaign on his own. but i really want to see this happen on a positive note. and i want to see him focusing on unity, focusing on strengthening the platform of the democratic party as we go
11:47 am
into the philadelphia convention. and then a lot of unity because we have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure that we elect hillary clinton as our next president, a historic moment that will be, and to make sure we defeat trump and never allow him anyone near the oval office as commander and chief or president. >> thank you very much, senator. appreciate your time. >> thank you, thomas. all right. so just like i asked the senator, we have been asking you at home to weigh in on today's pulse question. should bernie sanders concede the democratic nomination to hillary clinton? let's take a look at how you feel, 66% say yes, 34% say no. check it out, the pulse is live. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards...
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11:50 am
we are following breaking news to us out of the tennis
11:51 am
world. t maria sharapova has been suspended after testing positive for doping back in january. she responded to say she's going to appeal this to sports highest court. joining me is kelly from london. >> social media is calling this an unfair ruling. maria sharapova accepted responsibility early on and that is a big part of her true character, seemingly in support of sharapova there. this all came to light back in march. sharapova announcing she tested positive for a banned substance. she said she had been taking it for ten years and said it was
11:52 am
for medical reasons and that she wasn't aware it has been added to the banned substance list this year. well, the international tennis federation in this ruling today said they actually believed her when she said she did not intend to cheat. this is from the ruling, they said, sharapova did not engage in conduct that she knew constituted an anti-doping rule violation. they went on to say in this ruling, however, she does bare sole responsibility for this intervention and significant fault. that fault they are referring to was failing to check whether that medication was banned. and also not notifying anyone on her team that she had been taking it. so sharapova very quickly responded on facebook saying, while the tribunal concluded correctly that i did not intentionally violate the anti-doping rules, i cannot accept an unfairly harsh two-year suspension. ly immediately, i will
11:53 am
immediately appeal this suspensi suspension. that is a long-drawn out process that could take weeks, more likely months to hear that appeal and to get the result of it. in the meantime, the suspension means no rio, no olympics for sharapova. thomas? >> kelly, i want to make a hardship right here to another story that i believe you're briefed on, it's about the breaking news of an attack that happened in central tel-aviv. what more do you know about that? >> reporter: well, we don't have much just yet, thomas, but here's what we do know. there are reports of some kind of an attack at a supermarket next to the defense ministry. this is coming out of nbc news' tel-aviv bureau. the police have confirmed that to us. they're not yet confirming the number of wounded or what type of attack this might be. local media are saying four wounded, but again, nbc news has not independently verified that. local media also saying that
11:54 am
there was a shooter involved in this and that shooter has been stopped, has been neutralized. again, we're working to confirm some of this information. as you know, there's been a lot of tension in tel aviv and in other parts in israel. this looks to be some sort of shooting out of a supermarket. we'll continue to work this one and get more information for you. >> kelly, great work, i appreciate it. we are back with much more on "msnbc live" after this. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unmited clean po less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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11:57 am
welcome back. we have breaking news from tel aviv about a situation there where police are confirming an attack on a supermarket. local media says there was a shooter involved that has been neutralized. the authorities say at least five people are hurt. but this is new video that just came in from ten tv showing
11:58 am
people in the chaos after this happened as it is night in tel aviv. you can see some people are running and moving around. there is chaos at a supermarket. one person is listed in critical condition. again, this is a very fluent situation. nbc news working to confirm details that are just coming out of tel aviv on this. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. is it time for bernie sanders to drop out of the race? >> oh, be a little graceful. let the man have his own pace. >> do you think hillary clinton and him can come together to unite? >> so saying let the man have his own pace. there we have vice president joe biden asking for time for senator sanders as he considers what to do, his next move after a campaign season that has seen victory across the board in this country. but not enough to make him the nominee. now senator sanders is on his way back to vermont right now.
11:59 am
he's huddling with his advisers before his meeting with president obama tomorrow at the white house. also meeting with senator harry reid, many hoping president obama can bring hillary clinton and bernie sanders together. democratic leaders in the house say it's time for sanders to follow clinton's lead and hang it up. >> in 2008 when hillary clinton understood that president obama had enough delegates to secure the nomination, she did some deep thinking and emerged from that process understanding it was critical that we united around our presumptive nominee. we did that and he was president for two terms. >> nbc's ron allen is at the white house. ron, what do you know about preparations of this meeting between obama and sanders? >> reporter: well, senator sanders requested the meeting, so it sort of bookends the meeting he had with the president several months ago to ask the president to remain neutral during the primary season. the president is expected to say i did that, now what are you going to do? the white house certain lip doesn't want to cast the president as the bad guy in
12:00 pm
pushing sanders out of the race, but it seems that the math to senator sanders and the choice is his where to carry on from here. the president is clearly anxious to get on out there and start campaigning. he spoke to both candidates last night and he spoke to both candidates and issued a statement that said secretary clinton clenched the nomination, so that is clearly where he stands. thomas? >> we know the president is off to new york to tape the appearance with "jimmy fam lo fallon." thank you to all of you. that wraps up our coverage here from the santa monica pier in a beautiful sunny, santa monica, california. my colleague kate snow picks things up back in new york. all right, thank you so much. i'm kate snow and we begin with breaking news out of tel aviv, israel. police confirming there was an attack at a supermarket near t